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Frequently asked questions and andswers about guided visits to the BME Training Reactor:

  • When can I visit the reactor?

    In principle, visits to the Training Reactor can be organized on workdays between 8 AM and 3 PM. In practice, it depends on the educational commitments, as well as on other group visits, hence it is advisable to enquire in advance about the reservations.

  • How can I book a tour?

    Tours can be booked online but at the latest on the Wednesday of the week before the date of the planned visit. If you have any questions regarding the visit, in case of unforeseen circumstances or for canceling the tour, please contact us at . Please download, fill out and send us the entry permission form before the tour. Entry Permission Form (Hungarian)Entry Permission Form (English)

  • Who can visit the Training Reactor?

    Any Hungarian citizen over the age of 16. With a prior permission from BME, foreign nationals of full age can also visit the reactor. Due to radiation protection regulations pregnant women are not allowed to enter the controlled area of the reactor building.

  • What is the minimum and maximum number of visitors?

    The minimum number of visitors is 10, and as it is prescribed by the nuclear regulator, the maximum number of visitors is 20.

  • How much time does a tour take?

    A traditional tour takes around 1 hour. First, we start with a 30-minute presentation, then we take a guided tour around the reactor areas.

  • If we have an entry permission, will we have a tour guide?

    Naturally, because without a guide, others than employees cannot enter the controlled area of the reactor building. Graduating and Ph.D. students working in the reactor for a longer period get an entry card with their photograph.

  • Can students perform measurements on the reactor?

    Yes, of course. Engineering physicist, physics, energy engineering and chemical engineering students of BME have compulsory laboratory exercises in the Training Reactor. Students from other universities also regularly perform measurements on the Training Reactor. We also welcome students who would like to perform measurements for their BSc or MSc theses, for Scientific Students' Associations Conference or in the frame of their Ph.D. research.

  • Where can we find more information about the Training Reactor before the tour?

    Please feel free to browse further our website. More information about the Training Reactor can be found here.

Entry Permission Form (Hungarian)

Entry Permission Form (English)